About us

Nashville, TN - Walker Feed Co. was created in 2013 with the idea that not all cocktail mixers are created equal. 

Why can't mixers be good straight out of the bottle? Determined to create an all natural mixer made with fresh squeezed juices, premium ingredients, and no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives, Walker Feed Co. was born.   

Walker’s Southern Bloody Mary Mix was developed with the bartender in mind. No need to doctor up a pre-made mix. It's all in the bottle. The first ingredient is tomatoes and Walker Feed Co. sources regional flavors to create a fully rounded uniquely Southern flavor profile, with just the right amount of heat.

Walker’s Southern Bloody Mary Mix is made with fresh squeezed tomato juice, a Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire, Blackstrap Molasses and Creole Mustard.

The entire line of Walker's Mixers are all natural, created with fresh squeezed juices and premium, uniquely Southern ingredients. NO MSG. Low sodium. Low Calorie. Vegetarian.

We hope you can taste the freshness and quality in every bottle of Walker’s.

– Kristin and Cody 

Walker Feed Co., What's in the name? Lower Broadway in Nashville, the home to Country music and Honky Tonks, used to be an industrial area scattered with feed mills and general stores. You can still see the ghosted out signs of many different "Feed Co.'s" on the historic Nashville buildings. Taking inspiration from the artistry of the old feed bags, the Walker Feed Co. brand was created.